Lainey Richardson is a British Writer/Director of mixed Ghanaian and Jamaican heritage, represented by Curtis Brown for Film & TV, and Caviar

London, Amsterdam and Brussels, and Imposter NY for commercials and music videos.


Graduating from the University of the Arts in 2008, Lainey went on to direct her first short AWOL in 2011, the documentary TIK & THE TURKEY in 2013, and in 2018 she made the short SAMIRA winning the Best Short Short Award at LIFF 2019. In 2021, for her debut commercial campaign ABI: BEING BLACK &6TEEN, she garnered a Young Director Award nomination at Cannes, won Best Up and Coming Female Commercials Director Award at Creative Circle 2021, and won Silver at The British Arrows 2022.


To Lainey, culture is everything. From spotlighting Black cultures and identities, to amplifying othered voices, Lainey approaches her work with a unique sensibility, sensitivity, and gaze, bringing mainstream appeal to lesser-known narratives, told through a contemporary lens.
Her repertoire demonstrates her distinctive voice and innate ability to connect with people leading to powerful performances on screen. 

Currently writing a pilot for a comedy TV series. 


Editing reel here

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